Welcome to my domain

Welcome. Ultimately I am a deviant. If its kinky, sexy, funny and wrong I get off on toying with you. I can be firm, harsh, twisted, intense, sensual and fun! I genuinely enjoy several forms of domination and fetish. The more bizarre the better! Training, guiding and pushing your fantasies and limits is what I do best. I have chosen to do this with my life because I really do enjoy it! I am honest, unpretentious and LOVE what i do. Every slave, sub, sissy, fetishist is different but the goal is to provide a thrill and experience that is completely our own. Those lucky enough to re-enter my lair have become the most wonderful loyal submissive’s that I have owned for years. Trust and respect go both ways, and I am well equipped physically and mentally to provide that your experience with me is most satisfying for the both of us. Please read the site for further information on finding out how you can contact me and to see how I can provide the right experience for you.